Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop/Seminar! (indoor temp controlled)

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Who this workshop is for: If you are new to the sport of Barn Hunt and would like to learn more about the sport, see if your dog has a natural aptitude, learn how to train better for the sport, and gain hands on experience this workshop is for you! (if you and your dog already have a basic understanding of the sport, we recommend you simply schedule a training session found here, to work on your own specific needs).

Location: At our downtown Braham location! This workshop will be held inside a temperature controlled building. 

Date: September 14th

Time: 2pm-6pm

Open to: Any breed or mixed breed, no prerequisites for the handler. (if you have a reactive dog, a fearful dog, etc. please advise me ahead of time so we can make special arrangements).

What to expect: We will alternate between classroom work and hands on learning/training. This workshop will include, intro to barn hunt course, indications course, novice course, and barn hunt behavior training course.  

Topics covered: We will cover a wide range of information including (but not limited to):

  • An intro to the sport itself: the history of the sport, how to enter a competition, what a competition looks like, what the rules are, etc.
  • How to properly train for the sport: how to encourage a proper indication, how to encourage better hunting skills, commands, handler skills, dog natural behaviors and breed based skills, etc. and;
  • We will also include hands on learning, where your dog will have an opportunity to meet the rats, and do some barn hunting!

What to bring: Bring a kennel/crate for your dog, a leash and collar for your dog, a notebook & pen/pencil, treats for your dog, a chair (if you prefer to not sit on the hay bales). 

Important Registration Information: Your purchase/registration for this workshop is good for 1 handler + 1 dog ("team") to attend. If you are bringing an additional dog(s) (thus running more than once and taking the same time as an extra handler/dog team), you must purchase/register each dog(s) separately. If you are bringing a friend or family member to simply watch, you must register them as an "audit spot" in order for them to attend the workshop, found here.

*NOTE: Your dog must also have current vaccinations/health preparations to attend this workshop. 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for a beginner learning the rules and training the dog. it was great working in a small group, and watching the dogs pick up on what to do. I also enjoyed that any breed can do a barn hunt.

Absolutely loved

Lena and I had a fantastic time at this seminar today. Jessica did a great job explaining everything to us and was very open to questions. Loved her style of training and her ability to adjust to all the dogs specific needs. I liked that the dogs were able to have a break while we learned more and then we worked the dogs again. My dog definitely does better with a little break vs constant working. Would highly recommend this course!


Jessica gave a very informative, comprehensive seminar. Her considerable abilities to train dogs and their trainers/ handlers was impressive. The day was a great intro and kick start to the sport. It would be a bargain at twice the price to work with this professional!