All-Day Pass!: Open Facility Practice! (August 18th: 10am-7pm)

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These are PRE-REGISTRATION prices! Any day of pass purchases will be an additional $10.00 per person. 

***If we have a good turn out we will continue to offer day passes throughout the year AND add more to our facility so PLEASE SHARE & INVITE OTHERS!!!

***note: Each person entering the gates onto the facility must have purchased an all-day pass. 

***IMPORTANT! In order to use the pool you MUST already have dock diving/swimming experience in a pool and your dog must know how to exit the pool on the ramp. 99.99% of dogs that enter the pool for the first time swim to the edge of the pool and their nails will rip our liner. A trainer must be in the pool to help your dog learn to use the ramp. Therefore, you must schedule one-on-one time with a trainer PRIOR TO the event if your dog is inexperienced and has not been fully trained to use the ramp. If your dog is not experienced and enters the pool, you will be responsible for replacing our pool liner if any damage is caused. Thank you!

Time & Date: August 18th: 10am-7pm  (note: rats will need breaks throughout the day)

Location: Country Clips Pet Grooming facility! At: 3273 421st Ave NE, Braham, MN 55006!

What to expect: This is an open practice day! This means you will be practicing the skills you have already learned and will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others! We will not have any one-on-one training going on for the day so be sure to bring a friend if you need extra hands on help in the barn hunt ring to hide tubes, holding on the dock, throwing bumpers, etc. 

There will be dry erase boards at each location for you to sign into the practice rotation. Getting into the rotation is on a first come first serve basis. 

There will also be various tools on-site available for use such as, hold table, bumpers, wounded bumper, dowels, place boards, place beds, etc.

Additionally for FREE: We will also have our mini-library open for you to relax and read any books we have available or to view any DVD's on the tv we have available in our shelter space. (all materials must remain on the facility property).

***We will have some retail products as well as some food & drink options available for an additional charge.


(1) Please use our farm driveway (at our main east gate "front pasture" entrance, where the pool is located) to load/unload your equipment and then move your vehicle to roadside parking so others can unload/load up in the driveway entrance. 

(2) We have a "no greet" policy. You MUST keep your dog under control, on leash, and with you at all times when your dog is not inside the Barn Hunt ring, inside the dock diving pool fence or inside the pool/field area. Greeting other dogs, sniffing butts or faces is prohibited on the grounds. If you need help training your dog to stay with you and ignore other dogs, we can help you with that if you schedule a one-on-one training session prior to the event. We will go over the skills needed to train your dog to ignore others while in public. 

(3) Well behaved children are welcome! However, PLEASE also ensure you or your children do not greet anyone else's dog without asking first if it is okay! We want to ensure all safety and care for you, your children and the dogs! 

(4) You MUST have rat safety knowledge and either have experience with Barn Hunt outside of our facility or have trained with us before in order to use the Barn Hunt ring. Rat safety and care is a must!

(5) Please keep our facility clean by picking up poo! We have a dog potty area on the west side of the house for off leash pottying. Please pick up poo and spray with anti-bac spray (provided) in the potty area too! If your dog goes on the grounds somewhere else, please clean it up and spray with anti-bac spray (provided). If you have loose stool anywhere including the potty area, let us know and we will provide you with a bucket to dump water on it to flush it into the ground and then spray with anti-bac spray (provided). We work REALLY hard to keep our grounds clean so please help us keep it that way for everyone to enjoy!

(6) Please do not allow your dog to incessantly bark without trying to minimize it.  Barking on the dock or in the barn hunt ring when a rat is found is understandable! But if you have a dog kenneled who is an incessant barker, please try to minimize the noise by covering the crate, using a snuffle mat, crating in the fenced in garden area, etc. We want to try to be nice to our neighbors who have been amazingly nice to us! 


Facility: Our facility is 5 acres fenced in with a 6' fence. Our home is also located on this property and is off limits, as well as our grooming and boarding room and private dog yard and Horse Barn & Corral area. All other areas of the facility are available for use for the day! See the below map for reference.


What to bring: Bring a kennel, water and dish and any training tools you'd like to use, your own pop up tent and chairs. 

Important Registration Information: *NOTE: Your dog must be up-to-date on all vaccinations/health precautions. Please also note we will hold our practice day rain or shine so please dress accordingly! We will only cancel the event in cases of extreme weather conditions (ie. tornado, lightening, etc.) or some other unforeseen emergency/illness in which case we will re-schedule the day to another future date. 

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