Our Methods

Good experience every time: 

We want your dog to have a good experience with us every single time! When your dog comes to our grooming salon and feels comfortable and relaxed it builds trust between us and your pup and this makes for an even better grooming experience for everyone! 


We take our time: 

To ensure your dog has a great experience with us we take our time! Many grooming salons are under time constraints and must meet strict productivity goals. They may be in a rush to finish your dog quickly and feel pressured to force your dog through a grooming session. This can lead to added stress on your dog, make your dog feel uncomfortable or worried, or encourage your pup to misbehave. 

At Country Clips Pet Grooming we are able to groom at your dog's own pace to ensure your pup has a great experience with us! 


We have experience with behavioral issues: 

There are two very distinctly different types of behavioral issues: (1) Fear Induced Behavior (2) Aggression/Dominance Induced Behavior.

(1) Fear Induced Behavior:  Dogs who are extremely fearful may act out in what appears to be an aggressive manner, biting, lunging, thrashing, barking etc. However, fear induced behavior must be addressed in a completely different manner than that of aggressive or dominant behavior. Fearful dogs need time and reassurance. They need to be able to go at their own pace while being reassured constantly in order to build a greater trust for the grooming process and the groomer. Often times dogs who may be fearful need to have the opportunity to be introduced to different parts of the grooming process very gradually, so that they may slowly get used to the process and come to their own realization that the process is enjoyable and not something to be fearful of. We understand fearful dogs and are able to take as much time as needed to ensure your dog has the most pleasant experience possible, while creating a trusting relationship between us and your pup!

(2) Aggression/Dominance Induced Behavior: We often will have clients that have a slight aggressive/dominant attitude, but rarely do we find extremely aggressive or dominant behaviors in the dogs that visit us. Whatever the level of aggression or dominance, however, we are prepared to work with your dog and train them out of this behavior.

It is extremely important to first ensure your dog is not actually acting out of fear. We receive many new clients who come to us after another groomer has deemed their dog aggressive, "bad" or mean, only to find out that the dog is simply afraid and needs a gentle and slow process to feel comfortable. Once we have realized your dog is acting in an aggressive/dominant manner we work with your dog to establish a respectful relationship and teach your dog new behaviors. This can be done easily simply by voice commands and praise, our unconventional "humming" technique (which establishes leader of pack mentality through a low humming sound), training leads or hand holds. 

Extremely rarely is a dog so aggressive that a muzzle is necessary. However, even if we must use a muzzle to protect ourselves from dangerous bites, we never allow the muzzle to become a "crutch." Instead we continue to work with your dog to teach your dog better behaviors and establish a respectful relationship, to eventually get to a point where your dog no longer has any aggression/dominance issues at the grooming salon and can enjoy their groom without the use of a muzzle.