History & Future Plans for Apple Blossom Kennels!

In 2017, after over 30 years in dog grooming and 20+ years in dog training, the mother-daughter team, Kathy Anlauf owner/operator of Country Clips Pet Grooming and Jessica Anlauf owner/operator of Apple Blossom Kennels, partnered together in the hopes of achieving their dream: To own and operate a large-scale canine training, recreation and event center where people can come to practice, learn, train one-on-one and relax in a beautiful dog friendly setting and where clubs and other organizations can host their canine related events!

"We are working very hard to expand our facility regularly so be sure to check back often! And Thank You to all of our clients for being a part of this amazing journey!" ~ Kathy & Jessica Anlauf

Look at what we have already accomplished! 


  • We developed our downtown Braham, MN facility into our year round Barn Hunt training facility. 
  • We became a Barn Hunt Association certified training facility!
  • We created a new website and new social media accounts for our joint adventure!
  • We broke ground at our Country Clips facility location. We hired KC Gustafson Construction to dig our regulation sized pond in our west pasture for dock diving.
  • We fenced in the 5 acre property with a 6' chain link fence, added walk through gates and additional partitions throughout, including a horse corral, for ease of multiple training spaces. 
  • We added new vinyl signs to both our Country Clips location and Barn Hunt training facility!
  • We added an off-leash potty area next to the Country Clips Grooming Salon. 
  • Our final project for the summer was to put up our warming house/shelter to make hunt/field training seminars and workshops more comfortable. 
  • We drove the posts for our new aviary/flight pen.


  • We purchased a new 21'x43' saltwater pool! 
  • Apple Blossom Kennels was featured in the Braham Journal and the Kanabec County Times for bringing Barn Hunt to Braham, MN!
  • We installed the wood stove and silicone pad in our warming house/shelter!
  • We hired the county to install a new culvert in front of our east pasture! We needed this culvert before we could have the crew back to dig our pit for the pool!
  • We had KC Gustafson Construction come back and dig our pool pit, so we could place our pool semi-in ground. 
  • We assembled our current dock diving pool! (Ufffdah that was tough!)
  • We created new signage to help our clients find their way around the facility!
  • We became a certified Ultimate Air Dog training facility! 
  • We started offering traveling Barn Hunt workshops! 
  • We built our hold table and place boards inside of our warming shelter.


  • We purchased a porta-potty! 
  • We finished our flight pen/aviary and added pigeons and chukars!
  • We created a new t-shirt design for our Barn Hunt clients! (And it's adorable!) 
  • We introduced our new all-day passes program! (first day coming in July!)


  • We will add pheasants to the flight pen in a few weeks when they are ready!
  • We will smooth out the current hill, and level the ground for outdoor training rings.
  • We are working on adding in a FastCAT run and equipment for the end of summer/early fall of 2019. 
  • We are working on adding a building for indoor one-on-one training, open ring times and all-day practice passes by fall of 2019. 
  • We plan to continue to offer all-day practice passes at our facility throughout the year, and would like to offer them more frequently as interest arises. 



  • We would like to invest in a much larger property within a reasonable distance of our current property to relocate and expand, add training buildings and overnight accommodations, as well as additional amenities for our guests and offer even more dog training, practice, workshops and hosted events in 2020-21.