Facility Location Information

Our "Downtown" "Barn Hunt" Location (Next to Subway): 100 Central Drive W. Braham, MN 55006 

Space Description: Boutique/Bakery &  Barn Hunt Training 

Facility Rental Availability: Barn Hunt Training Space behind boutique/bakery

Parking: For the best place to park, please park in the space located behind the hardware store (there is an entrance on the north side of our building), and to the west side of the bowling alley. The parking lot there is dirt with some grass for you to potty your dog as well (please clean up after your dog so our neighbors continue to love us!). If you have a private session and multiple dogs which you would like to have stay in your car, feel free to park near the entrance of the building so you can easily access them . 


Our "Country Clips" Location: 3273 421st Ave NE Braham, MN 55006

Space Description: Grooming ~ Training ~ Hunt/Field ~ Fenced ~ Board & Train ~ Wellness Therapies ~ Pond/Swimming/Dock Diving ~ Aviary

Facility Rental Availability: Fenced training pastures, Pond, Full fenced area

Parking: Please park on the roadside near the east pasture entrance (you should see the vinyl signs and gate between them). If you feel more secure parking in the driveway to get your dog(s) out and then move your car for the next person, that is fine too. We have plans to put in a culvert making it easier for you to simply drive into the east pasture, but in the meantime please be patient with us as we do our best to get you parked safely.