About Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a quickly growing sport for all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs! According to the Barn Hunt Association,"Barn Hunt is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin."

In a nutshell: Rats are safely placed in PVC pipe tubes and hidden in straw bales. Along with those tubes are empty tubes, and tubes containing only rat bedding. You and your dog entry the ring, and your dog hunts for where the tubes are with the live rats and then queues you in. Once you have identified a rat tube, the tube is safely lifted and handed over to a helper in the ring. 

For even more information go directly to the Barn Hunt Association page here.

(Pictured above is our own Apple Blossom Misneach de Chroi, who already has a title).

Course/Training Options:

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Classes: Classes are open to all dogs & handlers, to help you and your dog learn new skills over a course of 6 weeks. Classes are a great opportunity for you and your dog to learn new skills during the class period and then practice those skills on your own, at home, until the next class period. At the end of the course session, you and your dog should be able to perform all of the skills learned during the class. There are various different classes to choose from to suit your needs.

Practice: Practices are open to all dogs & handlers who wish to practice their already learned barn hunt skills. Practices are an excellent way for you and your dog to practice, gain more confidence in the ring, as well as enhance your dog's barn hunt skills. 

One-on-One: One-on-One training is open to all dogs & handlers, and is great for individuals or dogs who may not do well in group settings, or for those who want to work on very specific issues. One-on-one training can also be helpful when you have already taken a class but need extra work on a skill discussed in the class. 

Workshops: Workshops are open to all dogs & handlers and are intensive group training sessions, often times consisting of 1-2 days of training beginning at roughly 8am-4pm. Workshops are designed for individuals and dogs of all different levels to gain experience through hands on training. Workshops may take place at our Apple Blossom Kennels facility, or at a pre-approved location designated by you and/or your group.