About Grooming

Meet Kathy Anlauf, owner and operator of Country Clips Pet Grooming!

Kathy is a Certified Pet Groomer (CPG) with over 30 years of experience grooming all breeds and mixed-breeds of dogs.

Good experience every time: 

We want your dog to have a good experience with us every single time! When your dog comes to our grooming salon and feels comfortable and relaxed it builds trust between us and your pup and this makes for an even better grooming experience for everyone! 


We take our time: 

To ensure your dog has a great experience with us we take our time! Many grooming salons are under time constraints and must meet strict productivity goals. They may be in a rush to finish your dog quickly and feel pressured to force your dog through a grooming session. This can lead to added stress on your dog, make your dog feel uncomfortable or worried, or encourage your pup to misbehave. 

At Country Clips Pet Grooming we are able to groom at your dog's own pace to ensure your pup has a great experience with us!