About Jessica

Meet Jessica Anlauf, owner and operator of Apple Blossom Kennels!

  • Jessica has over 20 years of experience breeding dogs, grooming dogs, training dogs and competing with dogs. She began her successful competitive training career when she was just 14 years old, training her first home bred Golden Retriever "Rebekah" to champion obedience titles through the MN State 4-H program. She has over 20 years of studying canine behavior and has worked with all groups of breeds and mixed breeds of dogs. 
  • Jessica is a natural problem solver and loves to work with and coach individuals who are experiencing roadblocks in their training programs or are in need of a different point of view to solve difficult issues that might be holding a dog back from doing his/her best in competition! She has a naturally competitive personality which makes her passionate about her clients' success!
  • Jessica takes a holistic approach to dog training, viewing each dog and handler as unique! All of her training programs are designed to cater to the individual needs of the dog and handler. 
  • Jessica utilizes compassionate training techniques without harsh force methods or e-collars. Her methods are based on highly effective communication + motivation. Jessica's training methods are rooted in UK training methods, first picking up on UK training concepts from Anthea Lawrence and Robert Milner and later learning other UK based concepts from Mike Stewart with Wildrose Kennels and various other trainers. 
  • Jessica welcomes all breeds & mixed dogs for her Holistic Training Programs, however, she also specializes in the areas of: (1) Competition/Performance-Canine Sports (2) Retrievers (3) "sensitive-type" dogs (4) Dogs who have been negatively impacted by another trainer/situation and need rehabilitation to get back into top competitive shape (5) as well as other dogs with hard-to-manage behavioral or psychological disorders who would benefit from canine sports.
  • Jessica is a member of the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club, the Central Minnesota Retriever Club, the Land of Lakes Hunting Retriever Club and the Golden Retriever Club of America and actively engages in continuing education across the United States. 

Pictured Above: Jessica's first dog. "Gretchen" was a schnauzer mix who was the family pet. Jessica trained her to perform tricks as well as some obedience commands. Jessica was just 6 years old when she began training Gretchen.

Pictured Above: Jessica's first two Golden Retrievers (litter mates) on the right "Ruger" and the left "Rebekah." (1999) Rebekah was extremely sensitive and would melt into the ground if anyone even raised their voice. Jessica easily trained Rebekah through purely positive touch & praise rewards. Rebekah went on to win champion titles in 4-H competitive obedience.