Hunt/Field or Other Private/One-On-One Training Session

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Be sure to contact us to discuss what your training goals are so we can be sure to tailor your session based on your needs/goals.

What to expect: Private training sessions are a great way to work on your own personal training needs. Whether you already took a course and are having trouble with a particular concept or simply feel more comfortable working one-on-one with a trainer, private training sessions can be very beneficial. You may discuss your training needs with a trainer who will then create the best plan for your private training session. 

Limitations: Private Sessions are limited to one-on-one sessions. If you are in need of private group training sessions/workshops/seminars, please contact us for more information. Private Sessions may not include dock diving or swimming, those lessons must be scheduled separately under our dock diving or swimming services page. 

What is required of you: Have an open mind willing to train our way! If you are stuck in your own way of training, we can't help you. So please come with the mindset that you are going to learn a completely new way of training and that you are going to try our methods!  

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for private training other than our vaccination requirements. 

What to bring: Talk to your trainer to see what is required for your specific needs.

Every Apple Blossom Kennel's Facility Rental includes a Trainer to supervise and answer questions, offer information, guide you, etc. (depending upon your needs). However, if you aren't sure where you need to be training, or you would like to train off-site, at a location other than Apple Blossom Kennels, our training rate is $40.00 per hour (+ mileage for any offsite training)

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Field Training

Jessica has a depth of knowledge

One on one training

I've taken my dog there twice so far. Jessica is a very good trainer and very good at giving information. She's not only helping with the dog but also giving me good tips in working with her. I would recommend her. She is very nice and will answer all your questions.