Dock Diving - New or Inexperienced Teams - One-on-One Training

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  • One-on-one training with an instructor
  • Use of our Dock Diving practice pool located in our East (front) pasture. The space is fenced in with a 6' high fence.
  • Hands on training to help you start and get ready to compete in dock diving! 
  • Training on use of the pool, dock and exiting the ramp as well as other handling aspects to help you reach your dock diving goals! 
  • Weather your dog is brand new to dock diving or has jumped at a lake off of the dock, this is the session for you! (until your dog is exiting the ramp 100% and thus less likely to puncture our pool wall, this is the session for you!)


    Your dog MUST be comfortable with all people, especially me the trainer! If your dog has any reactivity issues, whether human-based or other, please send me a message prior to scheduling so we can figure out whether this is an option.

    Your dog MUST have already been introduced to water and be able to swim (with or without a life vest)! If you need to use a life vest no problem, just be sure to bring one with you! If your dog has not been introduced to water or needs swimming lessons, please schedule a swimming lesson found here.  

    You must also print and sign our release form found here, and bring it with you to your first session.

    NOTE!: We currently only have splash training available. We are in the process of obtaining the equipment to offer other training but in the meantime we offer only splash training if you are selecting dock diving. 

    For more information on dock diving go to the Ultimate Air Dog Website found here.

    A signed release must be on file before any training may occur. 

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    It was a lot of fun and my dog had a great experience!


    Dock Diving - One-on-One Training