Indoor Barn Hunt Private Training Session (Downtown Braham Location)

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You will have our trainer(s) at your disposal for the duration of your session to:

  • (For Newbies) Get introduced to the Sport of Barn Hunt, the rats, the ring and learn the basics;
  • (For Everyone) Work on specific issues you and your dog would like to overcome to be better at the sport;
  • (For the Experts) Or you can work alone (on your own) and we will just wrangle for you!

PLEASE TELL US what you would like to work on before you come! 

Session includes the use of our:

  • Barn Hunt downtown *TRAINING facility located at (Back of Boutique) - Downtown Braham, with straw bales, rat tubes, litter tubes & empty tubes.
  • Rat wrangler/supervisor trainer to remove tubes, care for the rats and offer training. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Our Downtown TRAINING facility is not a regulation sized ring, but instead a rectangular over-sized space used for training purposes. We use this space to allow for various training opportunities including, to:

  1. Help you and your dog overcome current challenges/difficulties.
  2. Encourage/solidify better barn hunt skills.
  3. Identify and problem solve issues you may be unaware of.
  4. Introduce NEW COMERS to the rats & the sport of barn hunt!
  5. General practice.

***A regulation sized ring(s) is expected to be available at our Country Clips Location (just 1.5 miles from our downtown location) during warm/spring-summer months.

(You may rent the space for individual use or partner up with another person/group. (Groups larger than 3 people or 3 dogs must be pre-approved by an ABK trainer).

All training at Apple Blossom Kennel's facilities must be supervised by an Apple Blossom Kennel's instructor until the instructor feels comfortable with letting you train on your own (if applicable). 

A signed release must be on file before any rental/training may occur.

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Indoor Barn Hunt Private Training Session (Downtown Braham Location)

Intro to Barn Hunt Seminar

Thank you soooo much for coming to Twin Ports Dog Training Club for an intro seminar. Truman and I had a blast and learned a lot! I have always wanted to try Barn Hunt out with Truman and I am now hooked! The open day for practice in July sounds so wonderful but it also happens to be a big week in Duluth for both TPDTC and the Duluth Kennel Club so we can't make it for that one but hope you do more! Otherwise, we will looks for other events. Once again, "Thank You" for bringing the Barn Hunt to us in the Duluth area!


Great Barn Hunt lesson would highly recommend Apple Blossom Kennel very knowledgeable about the sport and how to make it fun for you and your dog


Barn Hunt Training Session

Great Problem Solver

Jessica is very knowledgeable about different approaches to teaching. Not all dogs learn the same way and Jessica is great at working with any breed and finding ways to help you and your dog be successful.