How to Start Dock Diving!

Posted by Kathy Anlauf on

What if my dog doesn't swim? doesn't like water? or what if my dog won't jump off of the dock? 

Those are some of the most common questions that deter potential future dock divers from giving the sport a try! The answer to those questions, however, is pretty simple: We take it SLOWLY! 

Most dogs don't automatically jump off of the dock. Instead, most are at least hesitant, while others can take a very long time, even months, before they feel comfortable enough to go off the dock. This is why we take things slowly, always. Our first priority is your dog's safety, but coming in a close second is our desire for you and your dog to ENJOY what you are doing! In order to ensure your dog is having a good time means going at your own dog's pace, slowly building his/her confidence until he/she decides they are ready.

Above is a picture of our own young guy Meesh, trying out dock diving for the first time. He is starting out by simply walking into the water off of the ramp to get his retrieve. You can see by his posture that he is unsure about entering the water. That is OKAY & NORMAL! 

We allow our newbies like Meesh to simply walk off of the ramp as many times as needed until they start to build confidence. Once they start to hop off of the ramp and into the water, and then begin jumping off higher and higher up the ramp, we know they are getting ready for the dock. For Meesh, this took months! But we went at his pace so he would have a good experience and learn to love the sport! 

If your dog is afraid of water, can't swim, or has any other issues you think might deter him/her from dock diving, send us a message! We can let you know how we can work with him/her and you, to get you started with one of the most exciting & fun sports out there: dock diving!