30+ Years of Rat Hunting Retrievers at Apple Blossom Kennels!

Meet Emily! My first ratting Golden Retriever. I was just 8 years old when I started working with Em to hunt and rid our property of rats.

We had 2 horses at the time and we kept our horse feed in a shed located away from our barn. A large colony of rats had found the grain bin, eaten a small hole into the side of the thick plastic bin and moved their huge colony below the shed. 

They were causing a substantial amount of damage to our property, and it was obvious they needed to go! Em was the perfect dog for the job.

After an unfortunate incident where a rat latched onto her face and the only method to remove it was to pull it off, tearing her nose in the process, she became so tenacious and precise she could dispatch multiple rats within mere seconds. 

Em was my first rat hunting retriever in a long line of rat hunters to come! Misneach ("Meesh") is 6th generation down from Em and he certainly has Em's rat hunting skills! 


Em with one of her puppies!